Cupcakes can seem so insignificant in the scheme of social responsibility! Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed with the complex needs in my community. The contribution to try & make a difference seems so insignificant.

There is the temptation to measure & compare with other businesses & individuals who appear to be doing so much better.It’s enough for some to throw their hands in the air & give up. I believe people who go before us, have so much wisdom to share.

For me, Mother Teresa is a beacon of light. She contemplated on the true meaning of Love. Communicating authentic value to each human life she came in contact with had a ripple effect that still changes lives today with the legacy she left.

As I bake & decorate my cupcakes, with parents of special needs kids in mind, I’m reminded not to take lightly little things done with great love. I share with you some of Mother Teresa’s inspirational quotes. They are downloadable here if you wish to frame them yourself as a set of three portrait sized prints (5″x7″) for the price of 1. Be sure to give your correct email & I’ll send them on the same day!

I’ve been a sucker for Succulents lately, hence the succulent theme going on in the printables! Even my Mother’s Day Cupcake Range gift ideas I  have included Succulent Cupcakes!

Feel free to share someone who inspires & motivates you to keep pressing on!


Help One Person at a Time - M.Teresa PortraitNew Portrait i alone cannot change the world...MTSome people come into your life...Mother Teresa




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