Cupcakes … Who would ever of thought the humble Cupcake could leap out at a person at any stage of their journey screaming

‘I LOVE YOU’ * ‘YOU MATTER’ * ‘YOU ARE VALUED’ ??!!  Melbourne Cupcakes are incredibly popular. Presenting them in Baskets & Bouquets is my unique way of offering an alternative gift idea in a creative way! To think the little cupcake could cause a ripple effect of love in the community!

I’ve decided to call my Blog ‘The Blessing Hub’

Join me on the road of gratitude & finding ways to make our little place in this world have a ripple effect of love…one person at a time.


This quote is a favourite of mine to keeps me on track as I assemble so

many Cupcake Bouquets, knowing that some of the proceeds go to  &

hero parents/carers in our community, who can enjoy a blessing amid the sometimes relentless battles & challenges of caring for children with special needs. They ooze unconditional love!

It would be wonderful to hear your stories too, of how Cupcakes have made a difference in your community too!


Download this inspirational Mother Teresa quote below as an A4 pdf here & frame it as a gift to self or to someone special in your world!

'I alone cannot change the worldbut I can caste a stone & cause many ripples'


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