Baby Shower Cupcakes are forever popular! How one presents them is left to anyone”s imagination really! I’ve tried to solve the problem of people feeling they want more than just flowers both at the Baby Shower Event or in the hospital too when baby arrives!

Baby Shower Cupcakes


These little beauties you can eat! Baby shower Cupcake Bouquets look amazing as a table display & can be enjoyed as a dessert!

I have international orders from loved ones who have nearest & dearest here in Melbourne, which makes me feel extra privileged to help them make someone in their world’s day in such a unique way!

I’ve created the little fondant baby, complete with nappy & beanie which can be kept as a keepsake after the Baby Shower.

Of course, who would want to eat it??!! They actually keep for years if stored in a cool area in a closed container like a tin, lightly wrapped with baking paper for protection.

Don’t leave them in the fridge though, it will cause the fondant to condensate & moisture will form into droplets.


My Baby Shower Cupcake Bouquets & Baskets come in Blue, Pink, Mint & Lemon themes but I’m always open to customizing colour.

The latest popular colours Melbourne is the use of the colour grey. Such as a soft grey & lemon or mint, pink or blue.




Such a wonder-filled occasion for a woman expecting her little one …just around the corner

A great time to rally the girlfriends & put on their creativity hats to make the Baby Shower Event a memorable one!!

Newborn Beanie Boy


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